Blending In — Fall O&B Lookbook 2017

Take a gander at the Fall O&B Lookbook! It’s all about¬† blending in with your environment…think fashionable camo or sartorial chameleon!

Check out the full lookbook here!

All items for purchase. Email for inquiries.



Golden Days of Summer — the First Zine of O&B

My favorite part of running this little vintage shop is the photography. My best friend Blaire and I have been preparing for a life of dressing up and taking high quality photos since we were mere middle-schoolers with the first iterations of camera phones (not sure if those photos are ready for the permanence of the internet!). This summer we headed up to Mount Lemmon and played with color, light, and shadow. What more could two artists want?! Check out the first zine in the lookbook section of this blog ūüôā

Revive, renew, and revamp!

And just like that I’m back from a jaunt around the globe.¬†Honestly, it was wonderful to¬†not¬†worry about Ochre&Bone. No instagram woes, no worries about whether or not a customer will be pleased, and no frantic thinking about the newest vintage trend I’m missing out on. Don’t get me wrong, I totally enjoy the vintage shop thing…it’s just a bit exhausting.

That being said, I’m thinking of revamping O&B a bit. More focus on high end clothing. More focus on curation. More focus on photography. I think O&B may have gotten a bit lost. Sometimes you just can’t get it right…Like a girl in Iceland trying to make it look like she’s grabbing a distant mountain…amiright?? So! Give it a few days and the lovely vintage things you’ve been missing will be back with an O&Bang!

PS My sister and I (really just her) made a video featuring my dance moves, my tropical vintage outfits, and (I think) the lovely Ziemba! Not sure when it’s launching…but I’ll keep you posted!

Adventures to Come

Hello Ochre & Bone people!

I am going on a six week¬†adventure starting on May 16th! First, my sister graduates from NYU, so my whole family will be doing the New York thing. Then, my sister and I will be going to Boston (for all of 15 hours)…before we head to Iceland! After Iceland there will be quick stop in Norway and Qatar before we land in Uganda for four weeks of research and documentary making. Oh my!

But! The whole point of me telling you this, is that Ochre & Bone will be closed for six weeks. This means that all of that beautiful vintage clothing will be sitting in my O&B room with no one to love it! I’ve marked down all the prices in my store (some by 50%!) so that they can go to their forever homes!


Get to Know Me?

This past summer I was interviewed by an ambitious team preparing a community based and online vintage clothing swap. The folks at Prefound asked me some great questions that I thought I should share here as a way to understand my vintage psyche!

“I love how you describe your collection as ‚Äúthe funky turquoise of classic Arizona wear mixed with the effortless air of New York fashion!‚ÄĚ Can you elaborate on what that means?”

Growing up in Arizona (and having a mom that always managed to meld chic and southwest perfectlyРliterally hipster before hipster was ever a thing), I learned to appreciate kitsch, turquoise, and vintage. Lots of coyotes. Lots of rustic glitz. And lots of faux Navajo prints.

Then, I moved to New York City and learned to love a completely different style. Chic, modern, and way cooler than anyone else (even if only the person wearing it thought so). I love the bold colors of southwest fashion but I love the sleek silhouettes of New York. Ochre and Bone is my way of finding clothing that is bold, bright, and unique and that will make you look cooler than pretty much everyone. Think…saguaro cactus in the middle of the Chrysler Building.

“Describe a perfect¬†Sunday¬†afternoon.”

Painting in the sun.

“An album you‚Äôve continued to go back to year after year?”

Oof. Cat Stevens’ Catch a Bull at Four.

“Are you working¬†on any other projects besides Ochre and Bone? How does your individuality show in these projects?”
Well…I’m about to start graduate school for public administration. I’m crazy passionate about politics and policy. I think my individuality shows in this “project” because I’m so excited to go in to politics. It’s my goal to become a Supreme Court Justice. And to have like 15 degrees.

And, on the total¬†opposite¬†side, I just started brainstorming for a painting series of female painters in front of¬†backgrounds¬†in their painting style. It’s inspired by the Frida Kahlo 1937 Vogue cover. I love bright and bold (see above) and I love Vogue. When I started painting the cover it seemed like a fun way to showcase female artists (since they aren’t pretty much anywhere). And a good way to decorate my new house.

“Why did you decide to leave New York?”

Getting personal, eh? The short (and simple) version of the story is that I graduated from New York University. And…New York pretty much wanted me to leave. I broke my foot two weeks before having to walk across the stage at Radio City for my graduation. Case and point.

“What draws you to choose a specific piece for Ochre and Bone‚Äôs collection?”

I love patterns. I rarely choose “basic” pieces for my own wardrobe, let alone for Ochre and Bone. Also, I only post pieces that I would wear. Maybe not in every day life, but items that I would wear if I were a radical princess who went to discos in Monaco and Saudi Arabia.

Upping the Ante

Running this vintage clothing store has its perks. I spend many of my free hours shopping (one of my favorite pastimes) and taking photographs of beautiful people in beautiful clothing. One of my favorite parts is “curating” the store and the images I post.

When I shop I primarily look for bright and funky pieces that could stand out or enter seamlessly into a wardrobe. But…I have a confession: I’m not entirely sure I would wear all of the pieces in my store. That’s terrible I know. I often shop with a fashionista in mind and think, “Would she wear this?”

But! I have decided to challenge myself this year, and I implore you, lovely readers of O&B blog, to do the same. I am upping the ante on my wardrobe. I’m wearing those all too strange but utterly fabulous pieces and outfit combinations with hats, bangles, and purple lipstick. Why not right?!

Here are some of my favorite absolutely fashion forward pieces from Ochre & Bone. All are currently available to add some pizazz to your wardrobe!


The Pajama Suit


Turns out these babies are the chicest trend of the year! I always knew they would make it back to glory. Who on earth wants to go out in tights when it’s below freezing?! More importantly, who wants to change out of their PJs when they are so dang cozy?!?!

So, there are these silky, slinky, and uber chic pajama suits that have been around since the 1930’s. I’d say it’s time to officially change the look of 2016. PJs ALL DAY!

I have three sets coming to Ochre & Bone soon. In the meantime, I have a few up already.

Winter 2015 Lookbook!

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SO happy to share the first O&B Lookbook! It’s been on my list for quite a while and it finally came together. Beautiful models, super helpful photographers, and lots of support.

Check out the full .pdf version here. Thank you!!

If the photos have no explanation they were taken by me.