Revive, renew, and revamp!

And just like that I’m back from a jaunt around the globe. Honestly, it was wonderful to not worry about Ochre&Bone. No instagram woes, no worries about whether or not a customer will be pleased, and no frantic thinking about the newest vintage trend I’m missing out on. Don’t get me wrong, I totally enjoy the vintage shop thing…it’s just a bit exhausting.

That being said, I’m thinking of revamping O&B a bit. More focus on high end clothing. More focus on curation. More focus on photography. I think O&B may have gotten a bit lost. Sometimes you just can’t get it right…Like a girl in Iceland trying to make it look like she’s grabbing a distant mountain…amiright?? So! Give it a few days and the lovely vintage things you’ve been missing will be back with an O&Bang!

PS My sister and I (really just her) made a video featuring my dance moves, my tropical vintage outfits, and (I think) the lovely Ziemba! Not sure when it’s launching…but I’ll keep you posted!