Upping the Ante

Running this vintage clothing store has its perks. I spend many of my free hours shopping (one of my favorite pastimes) and taking photographs of beautiful people in beautiful clothing. One of my favorite parts is “curating” the store and the images I post.

When I shop I primarily look for bright and funky pieces that could stand out or enter seamlessly into a wardrobe. But…I have a confession: I’m not entirely sure I would wear all of the pieces in my store. That’s terrible I know. I often shop with a fashionista in mind and think, “Would she wear this?”

But! I have decided to challenge myself this year, and I implore you, lovely readers of O&B blog, to do the same. I am upping the ante on my wardrobe. I’m wearing those all too strange but utterly fabulous pieces and outfit combinations with hats, bangles, and purple lipstick. Why not right?!

Here are some of my favorite absolutely fashion forward pieces from Ochre & Bone. All are currently available to add some pizazz to your wardrobe!